Plans and the flow of things

Sometimes we are stuck. Sometimes plans don't work out. And that's okay. You'll get back in the flow (and on the road) eventually.


Chapter 1: New Zealand (or how I got this idea…)

I have started to travel about three years ago. I have always been fascinated by it (I tried to be an Au Pair in Ireland, and even though I loved this green country with all its hills and the rough ocean, I got homesick and didn't feel comfortable in the family). I loved my two … Continue reading Chapter 1: New Zealand (or how I got this idea…)

“I think I deserve something beautiful.” (Elizabeth Gilbert)

Sometimes I run away. From people, from things I should or want to do, from feelings... It is the same with writing. I love to bring my word on paper (or on the screen), but a lot of times I am actually scared to sort out the thoughts in my head. And there is also … Continue reading “I think I deserve something beautiful.” (Elizabeth Gilbert)

Where am I now?

June 2017 - Germany Back home in Germany. After spending two years in Australia and falling in love with this country, my second working holiday visa expired and I had to fly back home. It's wonderful to see my family again after a year (I went back home for a few weeks last year for … Continue reading Where am I now?