One of my favourite countries

Some of my photos of beautiful New Zealand.


Plans and the flow of things

Sometimes we are stuck. Sometimes plans don't work out. And that's okay. You'll get back in the flow (and on the road) eventually.

Chapter 1: New Zealand (or how I got this idea…)

I have started to travel about three years ago. I have always been fascinated by it (I tried to be an Au Pair in Ireland, and even though I loved this green country with all its hills and the rough ocean, I got homesick and didn't feel comfortable in the family). I loved my two … Continue reading Chapter 1: New Zealand (or how I got this idea…)

“I think I deserve something beautiful.” (Elizabeth Gilbert)

Sometimes I run away. From people, from things I should or want to do, from feelings... It is the same with writing. I love to bring my word on paper (or on the screen), but a lot of times I am actually scared to sort out the thoughts in my head. And there is also … Continue reading “I think I deserve something beautiful.” (Elizabeth Gilbert)

Where am I now?

June 2017 - Germany Back home in Germany. After spending two years in Australia and falling in love with this country, my second working holiday visa expired and I had to fly back home. It's wonderful to see my family again after a year (I went back home for a few weeks last year for … Continue reading Where am I now?