I love reading stories from other travellers and getting inspired by wonderful people.


My favourite websites are:

This American Girl – Inspiring Travel Blog by Camille (I especially love her Facebook page, her posts make me smile every day).

Nomadic Matt – Matt shows you how to save money on your next trip and inspires you to book your next flight.

Legal Nomads – Blog by Jodi Ettenberg who quit her job as a New York lawyer in 2008 and has travelled since. I love her blog, she shares her ‘adventures and misadventures and the stories behind the foods we eat’.

Live your Heart Out – Conni is a world nomad who currently lives in Bali and her blog helps me create a happier life every day.

Planet Backpack (Blog in German) – German blog for digital nomads

Tales of a Female Nomad – I have to admit, I am not a reader of the website, but Rita has published a wonderful book about her travel experiences. She has no permanent home and started to travel in her fifties.

Just One Way Ticket

Tara Bliss – Author, Spiritual Coach and Yoga Teacher (started off as a travel blog)

Jess Lively – Designing a Life & Business with Intention – Not a travel blog, but I love her podcasts!

What are your favourite blogs or do you even write travel articles yourself? Let me know!

Need more inspiration? Here are my favourite travel books and songs.