Roadtrip Western Australia and a new adventure

I haven’t written in a while – I am still working on my post to tell you about my time in New Zealand. So I thought instead of waiting until inspiration comes to me, I’ll tell you about what is happening NOW.

One Mile Jetty, Carnarvon

I finished my work as a receptionist in mid-November and went on a roadtrip through WA. We decided to relocate a campervan – this is a cheap way of travelling, but you don’t have as much time. We drove up to Broome and stopped at a few places on our way, one of them Karijini National Park. This has quickly become one of my favourite places in Western Australia (but don’t forget to bring a fly net!). Red canyons, natural pools and waterfalls.. We stayed at Dales Gorge, walking to Fortescue Falls (and stopping for a swim), Fern Falls (another swim) and Circular Pools (guess what? Stopped for a swim). It seems like a little wonderland, with bats hanging from the trees and yellow crested cockatoos flying everywhere.

Our rough itinerary looked like this: Perth – Mount Magnet – Newman – Karijini – Sandfire (red dust, kangaroos, peacocks and lots of cows) – Broome. Be aware that there are many road trains/trucks on the way up.

Broome was really hot and humid, but at least it wasn’t too busy with tourist. I loved the tropical feeling of the town with all those palm trees. We went to the oldest outdoor cinema in the world (Sun Pictures) which I can only recommend to anyone visiting Broome. Of course we couldn’t miss out on Cable Beach and watched the big, red moon rise up over Roebuck Bay which amazed me with its bright blue colours in the morning. We also looked at the dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point which is quite an amazing place.

After a week in Broome, we chose to relocate another campervan and had a little more time to drive back to Perth. This time, we chose the Coastal Highway. Broome – Whim Creek – Roeburn – Point Samson – Karratha – Dampier – Nanutarra – Exmouth – Vlamingh Head Lighthouse – Coral Bay – Carnarvon – Hamelin Pool – Geraldton – Dongara/Port Denison – Perth.

One of my highlights was definitely Coral Bay. Such a beautiful beach, the sand is white and the water clear, turning into a deep blue. You can even see fish and manta rays when you are just going for a swim. Snorkeling is quite amazing and you don’t have to go out far to see all kinds of fish and coral.  I also loved Vlamingh Head near Exmouth. We stayed at a Caravan Park right near the beach where we watched the stars and I loved the view from the Lighthouse on Ningaloo Reef.

Bring sunscreen, a hat and a fly net if you visit Hamelin Pool. You can see stromatolites there, but it is quite hot. A nice surprise was the little town of Dongara/Port Denison where you can go for a walk next to the river and the ocean. The evening sky turned into a beautiful purple when we were there and we saw a sunset with the warmest colours.

Now I am back in Perth and have been trying to find farm work for my 88 days of rural work to get a second year visa. It’s been difficult and as I had no success so far, I have booked a flight to Tasmania. I might find work there and if not, at least I get to see Tasmania. I’m excited! Would love to go hiking there.

I am flying back to Germany in April.. time is flying by. Fingers crossed I get all the days for my second year visa.

I wish everyone wonderful Christmas days x

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Roadtrip Western Australia and a new adventure

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks so much, I had a great time in Tassie, will publish a new post soon. It’s great to know someone liked my photos. In the meantime, I’ll have a look at your blog 😉


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