Where am I now?

June 2017 – Germany

Back home in Germany. After spending two years in Australia and falling in love with this country, my second working holiday visa expired and I had to fly back home. It’s wonderful to see my family again after a year (I went back home for a few weeks last year for my sister’s wedding and to apply for a new visa), but the feeling of being lost again and reverse culture shock are creeping up on me. Where off to next?

Germany, 2016

A thousand questions in my head – I am trying to remind myself that a blank space like this is also an opportunity. Mindfulness and yoga are handy tools to help to cope with negative thinking.


October 2015 – Australia

I am currently in Perth, Western Australia. When I left for my adventure to New Zealand two years ago, I would have never thought to continue travelling and living in other countries. After a year in NZ and then seven months in Canada, I am now in Down Under again.

Lighthouse, Leeuwin National Park 2015.
Lighthouse, Leeuwin National Park 2015.

I came here in April and my beginning here was very different from the one in NZ. I didn’t come here with a huge backpack and I haven’t stayed in a hostel since I arrived. Staying in hostels can be a great experience, but it can also be tiring after a while (and also, the quality of hostels varies a lot! I can give a few recommendations for hostels and campgrounds in New Zealand if you are interested). I guess that is another great thing about travelling – you meet like-minded people along the way and sometimes get to stay at their houses 😉 You might even find love (will talk about that more in another post).

A road trip down South. Augusta, 2015.
A road trip down South. Augusta, 2015.

I am working as a receptionist in an office (ha, back to 9-5, I guess – but only for a while), though I have nearly reached my six months maximum (working holiday visa – you are only allowed to work with each employer for six months). It’s a good place to work, but I am also looking forward to new adventures! Sometimes I think I am not made to stay with one job for the rest of my life, unless, of course, I am really passionate about what I am doing. I would love to save up some money and go to Bali to do an intensive Yoga teacher course. So this is definitely on my list, but you never know where life might take you 🙂

Surf Championship in Margaret River 2015.
Surf Championship in Margaret River 2015.

I have become more relaxed with making plans – when I started travelling, I had everything planned in detail. I still feel safer getting things done ahead, but I try to keep open for surprises. Most things don’t got as planned anyways and if you are up for it, you might find yourself somewhere new and exciting, meeting new people and letting yourself drift where life takes you without too much pressure. Just in the now, without worries about the future.

Cottesloe Beach, Perth, September 2015.

Anyway, what next? I will try to find farm work to get my 88 days of regional work for a second year visa. After that, I would love to travel more through Oz (so far, I have been exploring WA a bit (love the Margaret River region).

I would also love to learn another language (I speak German and English), to build up the courage to travel to a non-English speaking country for a longer time at some point. But for now, I enjoy spring in Australia, the beautiful beaches with the deep blue ocean tickling my feet and all those golden sunsets.

Australia from above.
Australia from above.

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