And this is how it begins…

Life is funny sometimes. I always dreamt of travelling, of countries with white beaches and palm trees, of a life so different from mine. But it always seemed like a dream to me, and in that I also felt safe. Actually trying to reach for these colourful images in my mind, would have meant to step out of my comfort zone and to be responsible for my own actions in my life.

But somehow, even with all kinds of resistance, it still happened. And I am more than happy and grateful that I was guided by life, by the universe, by whatever you may call it, to dare to leave my 9-5 office job and get onto a plane to New Zealand. The other side of the world. A year full of surprises and which led to travels to Canada, Alaska, Bali and Australia (so far).

Bali, May 2015.
Bali, May 2015.

Before, I always found excuses not to go. ‘I need to be there for my family.’, ‘My resume is already a mess, I can’t afford to mess it up even more.’ and especially, ‘I will never have enough money to travel.’ I believed the last sentence 100 %. I saw people from school, who would go abroad, sponsored by their parents. I was angry with life for not providing me with this chance – which seems ridiculous now. And now that I look with my eyes wide open, I see that there are different travellers around, those who make their money on working holidays or are building their own businesses from their laptops. And those who are not just after partying, but who are on a journey to find themselves and to discover this beautiful, unique world, who try yoga and meditation, a lifestyle that seems more healthy to me, more connected to nature and our spirits.

Margaret River, Western Australia, April 2015.
Margaret River, Western Australia, April 2015.
While I am writing these words, I am in Australia, with my window wide-open and listening to the birds and rustling of trees on a warm spring night. Writing and travelling, these are my two companions in life, my therapy. My dear reader, I hope you sleep tight tonight, with dreams that comfort and inspire you, with exciting adventures laying ahead of you.

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